Y'all are invited, real nice like, to the annual Crabtree Christmas Party
"A Country Affair, with a Redneck Flair"

Where: The Monahan's Out in the Country Party Palooza Place
When: December 17, 2017
Time: 11:30 AM

What to bring: This here party is in the home of teetotalers, so BYONABOC (bring yer own non-alcoholic beverage of choice). The main fixins will be a chili bar, and we've got that there covered, but if yer hankerin' fer somethin' different, or have a favorite side dish or dessert, by cracky, you bring it!

Gift Exchange: This year we will be playin' "Spin the Wheel, then Let's Make a Deal." Iffen you want to play along, bring a wrapped or gift bagged gift, but don't spend much more than $10, ya hear. Home made gifts, or regifts, are right fine too.

There will be more games, with prizes to be had. If you think you can run with the big dogs, you might just win one.

Oh, and feel free to add a little redneck flair to yer christmas wear, or not that's ok too, whatever floats yer boat... long as you love 'merica, yer ok in our book. We do plan on having a family photo booth, fer you to take advantage of, as a remembrance of all yer redneck glory.

We sure hope yer a plannin' on bein' there!