Sunday, December 23, 2018
12:00 PM

The Monahan's Merry House of Mirth

A food dish of your choosing, be it a traditional style, or simply an old time favorite.
A gift for the gift exchange game. We do ask, in keeping with the tradition of an old fashioned way, that you bring a homemade gift, if possible. This can be a food gift, a crafted gift, or if you’re not so inclined, a purchased gift made by another. As always, try and keep the cost around ten dollars, please.
Last, but not least, bring the desire to have fun, make memories, and enjoy this special time together.

Call it Old Fashioned, Classic, or Vintage; evoking your memories of Christmas past
The excitement of Santa, the brightly wrapped presents,
the glow of the lights from the tree that are cast

Oh, the smells that would waft from the kitchen, from savory, to sweets galore
The cheery red and green decorations, the evergreen wreath on the door
So many thoughts to ponder, so many things to recall,
so many special traditions, may we enjoy them all!